In the weeks before the start, financial institutions announced they would be ready to accept applications by July 1st. Last week, we learned that there will be no queues at branches, as a 3-year Continuous TB certification can only be applied for on July 1 in district offices and government windows, with a lead time of up to 8 days.

Commercial banks have started to offer credit

Commercial banks have started to offer credit

Today, however, it has also turned out that not all banks have access to baby loans. According to Good Finance, the following commercial banks have started to offer credit, ie we can apply for these financial institutions as soon as they have all the necessary documents and the conditions are met:

There are some financial institutions that are expected to come out with the product in the days to come, such as CIB Bank launching the product on July 8, and UniCredit Bank within days, according to Good Finance.

Many banks only have dates for the second half of the week

It may be more convenient to book a branch at the time of the request, but several banks have indicated that they can only give you the second half of the week.

According to Good Finance’s Capital Observation, there is no queue for a baby waiting at any bank, as anyone who wants to apply first obtains a 3-year Continuous TB certification in district offices, government windows, up to 8 days plus mailing.

Currently, there is only one financial institution that can apply for a loan online, Goodbank. Here the documents are uploaded via the net, the bank branch only needs to be visited after the successful conclusion of the contract.

But why is it important which bank has a baby room?


As stated earlier, it is not at all important for which bank to apply for a baby loan, since credit assessment is a banking competence. The biggest differences are in income expectations. While there are financial institutions where we can raise $ 10 million with just a minimum wage certification, other banks may have net income of up to $ 150,000.

With Good Finance’s bank-specific baby waiting calculator, we are the first in Hungary to look at what bank income we have. The calculator is available at the Good Finance / Bavaro-loan-calculator link. If all is well and we have verified our eligibility, you may wish to pre-register with the bank for the details and then obtain the necessary documents.