The current pace of life, coupled with the situation of economic crisis and job uncertainty , are sufficient ingredients so that in our country there are many people who have real problems to reach the end of the month or, worse, they cannot do face the unforeseen expenses of the day to day and they are lost before a problem of financing.

Under this context, many people turn to their financial institutions to request traditional credit lines , and they face the problem of presenting requirements , such as a guarantee, a payroll, the payment of insurance that cannot be assumed because they are without work or because of the instability of your salary, and a long etc.

In this sense, one of the solutions that we can use to get out of this situation is to apply for an online credit in private financial institutions such as William Tell. With us, you can obtain the amount of cash you need in less than 24 hours, having the possibility of returning it comfortably in several installments with the interests established by the borrowing entity and the amount chosen when requesting the loan.

What are the requirements to apply for a credit online?

apply for a credit online?

Depending on the financial company in which the online credit is requested, the requirements vary. For example, those of William Tell are the following:

  • Reside in Spain
  • Age between 25 and 70 years .
  • Presentation of DNI / NIE or valid passport.
  • Positive credit history
  • Have an account number and a mobile phone number .
  • Being able to repay the loan amount within the established term.
  • Fill in the application form , providing all the necessary information and documentation.

Main advantages of online credits

Main advantages of online credits

The main advantages that online loans have over traditional banking and the ability to obtain urgent money are the following:

  • They allow to obtain fast, safe and simple financing .
  • Request your credit online from the comfort of your home, from your mobile or computer.
  • Maximum comfort: they can be requested in a few minutes and without leaving home. In addition, they can be returned in convenient terms.
  • No paperwork: No endorsements or payroll. With just the DNI and bank account number.
  • Instant financing up to € 2,500. If your loan is approved, you will receive the money quickly and directly in your account within 15 minutes and 48 working hours.

Do you think that the success of online credits is due to its main advantages and the flexibility of its requirements? Tell us your experience.